Projects & Maintenance

Tennessee One-Call Program


First Utility District is a member of the Tennessee One-Call line location system. If you need water or wastewater mains located, please call 1-800-351-1111.

Be prepared to provide the address, grid and sub-grid, and nearest intersecting street to the operation.

Please note that we cannot locate utilities that are the responsibility of the customer.

Receive Notifications for Planned Outages

First Utility District’s customer notification system for planned outages/emergencies is by email. Please call our office to add/update the email address on your account in order to receive these notifications (865-966-9741). You may also add your email address to your account through our customer service portal here:

Concord Road from Turkey Creek Rd. to Northshore Dr. – TDOT

TDOT and the Town of Farragut are planning a road improvement project on Concord Road from Summerdale Road to Northshore Drive.  The project will result in the relocation of over one mile of 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch water mains, as well as multiple large-diameter gravity sewer and force main sewer line relocations.  The work is scheduled to be advertised for construction in August 2017, pending scheduling of property acquisition, environmental permitting, railroad coordination, and other logistical challenges

Keller Bend “B” and Statesview Sewer Pump Stations

FUD is contracting the replacement of sewer pump stations on Keller Bend Road and the intersection of State View Drive and George Williams Road.  Contractors are expected to begin work in May 2017 with completion in Summer 2017.

Northshore Drive Bridge – 16-inch Water Line Adjustment

To provide reliable water supply going into the summer months, FUD is contracting the repair of a 16-inch water main mounted on a bridge on Northshore Drive.  The work is located approximately 0.7-miles west of the Concord Road roundabout.  Work is expected to be complete by May 2017.


Saddle Ridge Subdivision Water Line Replacement

Starting in April 2017, FUD will begin replacing approximately 4800-LF of water mains in the Saddle Ridge Subdivision.  Work will be conducted in phases, and the initial work will be in the vicinity of Shady Ridge Lane and Long Ridge Road.  Crews will be working in the area through summer 2017.

Water Treatment Plant Jenkins Lane – Finished Water Pumping Control Improvements

This project is to install variable frequency drive controls on four of FUD’s largest finished water pumps. The finished water pumps are utilized for distributing water to homes and businesses within the FUD Distribution System. These new variable frequency drives (700HP and 800HP) will provide the Water Treatment Plant with an increased operational flexibility and will enable water pressures and flows to be more efficiently and effectively controlled while water is being distributed. The installation of these drives will also provide a reduced power consumption as compared to the existed operational configuration.

Fire Hydrant Painting


Fire hydrants located in the district are being painted to improve visibility and locating services for FUD employees and Fire Department representatives. The project will take 2-3 years to complete. To assist with our efforts, please keep landscaping away from fire hydrants.