Hydration Station

History of our Hydration Station

While in discussion about promoting tap water, Bruce Giles, General Manager challenged First Utility District staff to come up with a station design and to construct a unit that was portable and could be offered as a free community service when there was a need for a portable drinking water source.   Our staff developed a design that would work, built the frame, and figured out a way to deliver the water in a simple manner.  A method of chilling the water was developed, and four beer taps were used as the delivery method.  A customer simply walks up to the unit, opens one of the four taps, and cool drinking water comes pouring out.  Our station connects directly to the public water supply so there is an unlimited supply and it is free to the patron.

Purchasing a station like this would have an estimated cost of over $20,000.  Our finished cost was about $2,000.  Our employees volunteered their time to build the system, and volunteer their time to operate the station when used at public events.  A single bottle of water costs $3.00 at most events.  First Utility District’s rate for 1000 gallons of water is $2.78.  This demonstrates the value of the tap water that is delivered by community public water systems on a daily basis.

Our Hydration Station was enjoyed by thousands of people all weekend at the Smoky Mountain Air Show on April 16-17, 2016 as the only source for free drinking water at this event.  Check out our calendar to find out when the Hydration Station will be at an event near you.