Developmental Projects

Developers & Site Engineers


Planning a commercial or residential project with our service area? Start by contacting First Utility District.

We welcome the opportunity to provide service to new developments. However, we do regulate and monitor the installation of all new water and wastewater lines within the First Utility District boundaries.

Our engineers will work with you to make sure your project has the necessary water supply and sewer capabilities. Sewer Capacity Reservation Fees will go into effect for all basins July 1, 2021. The Sewer Capacity Reservation Fee will ensure adequate capacity for most residential and commercial developments. Involving us at the beginning of your project can help you avoid unnecessary delays later.

Developers and their consultants should be familiar with our Development Manual comprised of the following documents:

  1. Development Process
  1. Rate Resolution
  2. Design Criteria
  3. Standard Specifications and Details
  4. Sewer Use Policy
  5. Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Management Policy
    1. (FOG) FAQ and Helpful Links
    2. (FOG) Marketing and Communications Resources
  6. Cross Connection Policy
  7. E-One Grinder Station Information



Are you thinking about connecting your house or business to the District’s sanitary system? Some prefer to contract this chore to others, while do-it-yourself types may want to do their own work.

Whether you DIY or hire a contractor, all installations must meet certain minimum standards as set forth in our “Sewer Use Policy” (see link above). All installations must be inspected, tested, and approved by First Utility District personnel.

To contact our Engineering Department, click here.