CMOM Program

First Utility District of Knox County (FUD) currently provides water service to 35,000+ customers and sewer service to 32,000+ customers in Knox and Loudon Counties. FUD’s sewer system consists of more than 650 miles of gravity sewer line, 81 miles of sewer force main, 13,698 manholes, and 25 pump stations. Gravity sewer lines serve the majority of our customers. Low pressure sewers (LPS) serve the remaining customers. LPS consists of small diameter force mains (SDFM) and E-1 grinder pumps located at each home.

First Utility District of Knox County (FUD) has developed and implemented a comprehensive Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) Program for its sanitary sewer system. The main objective of the CMOM program is to reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). An SSO is any untreated sewer discharge from the sewer collection system. They can occur from root intrusions, grease blockages, and excessive rainwater inflow and infiltration. SSOs can greatly impact water quality and the environment.




FUD’s commitment and systematic approach in several of its CMOM programs have contributed to the reduction of SSOs over the past couple of years. Programs such as the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) program have been instrumental in reducing SSOs. The CCTV system is a camera mounted on a robotic transporter that tracks through the sewer pipe documenting and recording the condition of the pipe.

Other CMOM programs that FUD has implemented to help reduce SSOs are the following:

• Sanitary Sewer Overflow Tracking
• Sewer Use Policy
• Grease Control Program
• New Construction Inspection
• Odor and Corrosion Control
• Manhole Inspections
• Sewer Line Cleaning
• Service Laterals Inspection
• Smoke Testing
• Root Control
• Flow Monitoring
• Pump Stations O & M
• Air Valve Maintenance
• Easement Clearing
• Manhole Rehabilitation
• Pipe Rehabilitation

Through these various components of the CMOM program, FUD has identified areas that have opportunity for improvement. FUD has a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to help identify and prioritize funding for sewer improvement projects. Capital improvement projects for FUD’s wastewater collection system over the past several years are listed below:

• 2011 – T-1 and T-2 pump station replacement – eliminated chronic overflow.

• 2012 – Ten Mile A and C gravity line upsize and replacement.
• 2012 – FUD added 2nd crew to flushing program.
• 2012-13 – Ebenezer pump station basin pipe and manhole rehabilitation.
• 2012-13 – Turkey Creek A basin pipe and manhole rehabilitation.
• 2013 – Statesview/George Williams pump station basin pipe and manhole rehabilitation
• 2013 – Ten Mile II pump station and force main construction.
• 2013 – S-5 pump station replacement.
• 2014 – Completion and upgrade of S-4 pump station
• 2014 – Completion of a comprehensive hydraulic sewer model
• 2014 – Valve replacement at Sinking Creek pump station

FUD strives to provide a high level of water and wastewater service to its customers at a reasonable rate. Because SSOs negatively affect the environment and pose health risks to the public, FUD has focused its efforts and resources towards identifying and eliminating these known areas. FUD takes our responsibilities to protect and enhance water quality in the Knoxville community very seriously. FUD’s commitment to its CMOM programs hopefully prove that FUD’s new slogan “Where Community Comes First” is much more than words, it is a way of life.

If you have questions about the CMOM Program, please contact Patrick Spangler: