Facility Operations

Keeping Your Sewer Connections Working Properly

FUD’s service area covers approximately 65 square miles in Southwest Knox County and 13 square miles in Loudon County. FUD’s sewer system consists of 575 miles of gravity sewer line, 81 miles of sewer force main, 13,698 manholes, and 25 pump stations. Gravity sewer lines serve the majority of our customers. Low pressure sewer (LPS) serve the remaining customers. LPS consists of small diameter force mains (SDFM) and E-One grinder pumps located at each home.

E-One System

E-1 Grinder Pump

The E-One system provides each home or business with an E-One pump, installed outdoors, usually in close proximity to the home or business. Most of the pump structure is below ground, with only a shallow dome-shaped, light green access lid visible. Additionally, each home or business will have an alarm/disconnect box installed on the outside of that home or business.

The disconnect box contains the electrical disconnect for the pump. It also contains auditory and visual alarm devices to warn the property owner of pump malfunction. If these alarms are activated, please call our primary phone number below, and report an E-One pump malfunction.

In the event of an E-One pump malfunction, please contact customer service (865) 966-9741.

It is important to not dispose of grease, rags, or flushable towelettes if you are served by an E-1 system. Disposal of these items may cause sewage to back up into your home.

Note: Never attempt to open the disconnect box or repair the pump yourself. Serious injury may result.