Water Distribution

Getting Your Water to You: Our Field Service Crews

First Utility District’s field service crews read meters, set water meters for new customers, and perform routine repair and maintenance of District water lines.


If you see our crews working on your property, please note that they have a legal right to be there, and they are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible. Repairs to lawns and driveways will be performed as quickly as possible after work is completed.

For additional Maintenance Request information, please click here.

We ask that homeowners make sure that meters, manholes, valve boxes, backflow devices, or fire hydrants aren’t landscaped over or blocked by vegetation. For more information concerning Vegetation and District property, please click here.


If you notice a water leak and need your water turned off, please contact our customer service department immediately at (865) 966-9741.

METER READING meter reader

FUD utilizes automated meter readings (AMR) throughout the District, which allows readings to be captured electronically.  The conversion provides more accurate readings, is safer for FUD employees, and reduces the waiting period between reading and billing cycles.


Our water is sampled and tested regularly by means of flushing waterlines. Flushing and sampling occurs on a periodic basis as well as following any waterline repair. If you notice any unusual taste or odor to your water, please contact our office for assistance.


First Utility District is a member of the Tennessee One-Call line location system. If you need water or wastewater mains located, please call 1-800-351-1111.

Note: Please be aware that First Utility District will only provide utility locating services for main lines.