Construction in South Cedar Bluff and Wedgewood Hills Neighborhoods

First Utility District will be doing construction in the South Cedar Bluff and Wedgewood Hills neighborhoods.  FUD’s Contractor will be completing the final phase of scheduled water line replacements.  The project is targeted at providing reliable service and fire protection throughout the neighborhood.  Work is expected to begin in mid-June and complete by December.  Lines will be replaced on S. Cedar Bluff Rd, Elkmont Rd, Abrams Dr, Snowbird Dr, Topoco Dr, Guyot Dr, Kephard Cir, Elkmont Cir, Brandon Rd, Coburn Dr, and Medford Rd.  Incidental work may require driveway repairs, potholing existing utilities, re-seeding yards, and trimming or removal or landscaping in Knox County right of way.


We recognize this work is messy and an inconvenience in your neighborhood.  If you have specific concerns, we are happy to work with you toward resolution. 



First UD of Knox County