Projects & Maintenance

Tennessee One-Call Program


First Utility District is a member of the Tennessee One-Call line location system. If you need water or wastewater mains located, please call 1-800-351-1111.

Be prepared to provide the address, grid and sub-grid, and nearest intersecting street to the operation.

Please note that we cannot locate utilities that are the responsibility of the customer.

Receive Notifications for Planned Outages

First Utility District’s customer notification system for planned outages/emergencies is by email. Please call our office to add/update the email address on your account in order to receive these notifications (865-966-9741). You may also add your email address to your account through our customer service portal here:

North 40 Sewer Improvements

First Utility District of Knox County (FUD) has designed a project to improve capacity in a sewer basin north of Interstate 40. For the initial phase of work, approximately 2,000-ft of gravity main will be upsized from 15” to 21” from north of Outlet Drive to the south side of Interstate 40. The project has been extensively coordinated with property owners, environmental constraints, and constructability issues. The project is being bid in May of 2019 and is expected to be complete by January of 2020. The second phase of work will include a pump station and force main to route flow around an undersized gravity sewer line.

Clean Water Plant Upgrades

First Utility District is in the beginning stages of several upgrades to our clean water treatment plant. The project is estimated to begin construction early next year and will include adding two new influent pumps, a grit system, and fine screens. It will also include solids handling equipment (centrifuges) as well as a new system for disinfecting, UV disinfection. The First Utility District staff and contracted engineering firm (Jacobs Engineering) are currently working towards a final design for the project.

Concord Road from Turkey Creek Rd. to Northshore Dr. – TDOT

TDOT and the Town of Farragut are implementing a road improvement project on Concord Road from Summerdale Road to Northshore Drive.  The project will result in the relocation of over one mile of 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch water mains, as well as multiple large-diameter gravity sewer and force main sewer line relocations. First Utility District’s work began in June of 2018 and will occur intermittently through Summer 2020 as road work progresses. TDOT began road work in January of 2019, and they project their work to be completed by November of 2020.