Vegetation Tips

  Proper Landscaping and District Components

We understand that homeowners want to keep their lawns and homes looking their best, and First Utility District tries to keeps its meters and other equipment as unobtrusive as possible. However, it’s important that homeowners apply some practical concerns when landscaping around meters, hydrants, or other devices.


The Fire Marshal requires a distance of five feet around fire hydrants that must be kept clear of shrubs or other plants that would obstruct use.

Please be careful about landscaping over the top of water meters. This can disrupt the signal used to read the meter. It can also make the meter difficult to find in case of an emergency where the water supply needs to be shut off.

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If FUD crews must perform work in your yard, our policy is to restore the lawn afterward. However, because of water saturation or the time needed for dirt to settle after digging, we may not be able to do it immediately. We want the work to hold up after we are gone, so customer patience is appreciated.